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Annual Scientific Disaster Conference (PIT 2023)

The booth of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. at the event, Malang, November 2023

Date : January 2024


What We Do In That Event ?

Jakarta – The Indonesian Disaster Expert Association (IABI) annually holds a Scientific Conference on Disaster Research (PIT) to regularly and further disseminate disaster knowledge development to the stakeholders, primarily policymakers, universities and research institutions, private sectors/industries, and disaster society/non-governmental organizations or NGOs. Themed “Strengthening of Adaptive Social Capital to Achieve Public Resilience in 4.0 Disaster Industrial Revolution”, PIT 2023 was held from November 27 to 28, 2023, in Malang, East Java.

Jointly organized by IABI, the National Disaster Management Authority (BNPB), and Brawijaya University, the event discussed topics pertaining to the changing paradigm of disaster community development, sustainable industrial revolution for disasters, environment and disaster-emerging risks, politics and disaster justice, sustainable development and disaster resilience, disaster communication revolution, disaster economy and investment, and local wisdom refocusing for disaster mitigation.

As a leading general engineering consulting firm in Japan, NK established the International Geohazard Management Department, which provides comprehensive consulting services for effectively managing geohazards and associated risks. With a view to finding and pursuing opportunities to promote and provide geohazard management services in Indonesia, NK eagerly participated in PIT 2023 to display, promote, and disseminate information on the geohazard management services of NK, which cover all aspects of geohazards and risk management, from preparedness to recovery and early warning system development, from identification and assessment of geohazards and risks to incorporation of such geohazards into developments, as well as from geological and geotechnical investigation and monitoring to design and construction supervision of structural measures.

To further spread information about NK’s disaster management-related services, Mr. Yuichi Yamaguchi, a Senior Specialist from the International Geohazard Management Department, made a presentation entitled “Damage Estimation of Heavy Rain Disasters Considering Multi-hazards”, which concluded the central importance of multi-hazard analysis that may be conducted by NK, hence, successfully emphasizing NK’s expertise and experience in disaster management issues.

Disasters caused by heavy rainfall can compound multiple hazards, such as landslides, as well as river flooding and inundation. In addition, multiple disasters can occur at the same time, such as heavy rainfall and earthquakes or storm surges and tsunamis, which can cause significant damage.

NK has experts in risk assessment and simulation of multiple hazards and can assess hazard risks and simulate damage conditions to formulate disaster prevention and mitigation measures in advance.

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