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Collaboration Between ID&E Holdings (ID&E) and Perum Jasa Tirta 1 (PJT-1)

The signers of the MoU from both sides of the parties, from left to right are Mr. Ken NISHINO, the Executive Officer of ID&E Holdings, and Mr. Fahmi Hidayat, the President Director of PJT 1.

Date : Feb 2024


What We Do In That Event ?

Jakarta – On 20 September 2023, located in the office of PJT-1, Malang, ID&E Holdings, the parent company of Nippon Koei, signed a Memorandum of Understanding with PJT-1. PJT-1 is a state-owned enterprise that is engaged in the management and exploitation of water resources. ID&E is a holding company whose group, including Nippon Koei Co., Ltd., is engaged in consulting engineering for infrastructure development.

Since the 1950’s, Nippon Koei has provided engineering services for the water resources development in Brantas River basin. The development of a water resources master plan was prepared in 1959 by Nippon Koei. Several subsequent projects such as Neyama Diversion Tunnel, Karangkates Dam (currently called Sutami Dam), and Lahor Dam were implemented.

At the same time, the Ministry of Public Works of Indonesia established the Project Management Unit for the continuous development of the Brantas River basin and PMU was transformed into PJT-1 as a water resources management company in the 1990s.

Based on this long-term relationship between Nippon Koei and PJT-1, we concluded the MoU intending that both parties share the same vision about the studies and the development opportunities for water supply, waste management, hydroelectric power generation, disaster prevention/mitigation, river basin management, including sediment, waste management, and renewable energy. Based on this similar vision, both parties agree to work together in the future to carry out studies and development opportunities of those visions.

Several purposes of the MoU are to work together on engineering services, capacity building, and investment that focus on water resources engineering, disaster prevention, and renewable energy. As part of the ceremony and to symbolize this cooperation, after the signing, both parties have a brief tour of the control room of PJT 1 for knowledge and technology sharing discussion.

The tour is about briefly discussing flood monitoring and prediction that PJT 1 has. Nippon Koei is an engineering consultant who has much experience in water resources and disaster prevention do a brief shares knowledge about the technology they have as a comparison study with PJT 1. Such discussion may have the potential for Nippon Koei to suggest more improvements to the PJT 1 system. Through this MoU, both parties commit to work together continuously in water resources management and bring maximum benefit for both parties.

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