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Our Services

Energy Generation

Nippon Koei is highly experienced in delivering consulting services in the energy sector. For more than 50 years in Indonesia, Nippon Koei has worked on many power plants all over the country with thousands of megawatts (MW).


Nippon Koei has worked on many types of transportation projects such as roads, bridges, railways, ports, and airports, including transportation for the logistics of coal transport in the past 40 years in Indonesia.

Water Resources

Nippon Koei has already worked closely with the Government of Indonesia in the past 40 years to develop many infrastructures in Indonesia in the water resources, water supply, and sewerage sectors.

Environmental Management

Nippon Koei is well-known worldwide for the quality of its consulting services in environmental management, water, air, and land/soil, as well as for addressing global environmental issues such as afforestation and climate change.

Disaster Management

Nippon Koei has developed and proven technologies that have put it at the forefront of contributions to disaster management initiatives over the last 40 years. Our risk assessment services include analyzing disaster history.

Agricultural & Rural Development

Indonesia is one of the countries that have good potential for agricultural development due to its natural condition. With our capability to provide a full range of in-house expertise in the fields of agronomy, land use, etc.

Urban Planning & Architecture

Nippon Koei merged with BDP, one of the world's best-known interdisciplinary design practices. Together we are positioned internationally to provide design solutions for urban planning and development.

Industrial Growth

Nippon Koei has assisted developing countries to accelerate sustainable industrial development with projects such as the development of industrial parks and special economic zones (SEZs).