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The Basic Design for the Industrial Park in Subang Project

Project Feature :
1. Anadequate level of (Basic) Design for the 1,850-hectare area of the industrial park in Subang,
2. A Detailed Engineering Design for the Priority Phase I Development Area,
3. Covering approximately 250 hectares located south of the Cikopo-Palimanan Toll Road
Posted Date : 17 May 2023

The objective of this project is to develop a comprehensive design for an industrial park in the Subang area (2,100 ha), a mixed-use development comprising industrial, residential, commercial, and public facilities with a "Smart & Sustainable" concept. This area connects Jakarta to West Java and Central Java provinces, making it a strategic location. This industrial park will be accessible via numerous major transportation infrastructures.

The master plan for the industrial park in Subang has been prepared by the client, with the original idea of developing a green andself-sustaining industrial urban city as Nippon Koei’s reference to conductingservices for this project.

Basic Design
Subang, West Java
2019 - 2020

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