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MRT Jakarta Project

1. East-West Line Phase 1 (DD & TA)
Tomang Medan Satria
- Elevated Railway = 15.7Km, 13 stations
- Underground Railway = 8.8 Km, 8 stations

Tomang - Kembangan
- Elevated Railway 9.2 Km, 6 stations
- Depo facilities in Rorotan around 20 Ha

2. North-South Line Phase 1 (FS, BD, TA) [2005 – 2013]
Bunderan HI – Lebak Bulus
- Elevated Railway: 9.8 Km, 7 stations
- Underground Railway; 5.9 Km, 6 stations
- Depo facilities in Lebak Bulus = 2.2 Ha
3. North-South Line Phase 1 (OM Assistance] [2016 – 2020]
Assist the employer in implementing all the preparation and arrangement works required for operation and maintenance to achieve safe, reliable, and sustainable management of the MRT System

4. North-South Line Phase 2
- Operation Maintenance Consulting Services [2020 – 2023]
- Construction Management Consulting Services [2020-2027]
Posted Date : June 2024

In order to facilitate a mass transport system for access to Jakarta City Centre and Central Business District from the suburban areas and also to integrate this system with the currently operating Jabodetabek Railway System, Trans Jakarta Busway System, and other transport feeder systems.

The overall objective of the engineering consultancy services is to develop the basic engineering design, plan the O&M system, and tender assistance of many aspects of MRT Jakarta infrastructures.

PT. MRT Jakarta (Perseroda) – North–South Line Phase-1 & 2

Directorate General of Railway (Ministry of Transportation) – East–West Line Phase-1
Basic Design, Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Assistant, Project Management
DKI Jakarta

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