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Peusangan I and II Hydroelectric Power Plant (HEPP) Construction Project

Capacity : 45 MW (No.1), 43 MW (No.2)
Net Head : 205.3 m (No.1), 187.7 m (No.2)
Type of Powerhouse : Open Air Type
Type of Turbine : Vertical Shaft Francis
Transmission Line : 19 km, 150 kV (No.1); 57 km (No.2), 150 kV
Posted Date : 17 May 2023

Lake Tawar and Peusangan River hydropower potential development aims at restructuring the present diesel-dependent power generation. Detailed design was performed in 1994 with OECF fund, and the construction supervision (CS) contract was made in 1996 with OECF and ADB fund.

However, the situation of Aceh Special Province had worsened, and CS was stopped due to the reason mentioned above.In 2007, loan agreement was made with JBIC once again. This project aims to mitigate the tight power supply situation and improve the stability of power supply in the Aceh-North Sumatra power system by constructing a hydroelectric power plant and related transmission lines near Lake Tawar in the upstream of the Peusangan River.

This will lead to an improved investment climate and thereby contribute to economic development in the northern region of Sumatra Island. Moreover, the project will contribute to lowering the burden placed on the global environment by using renewable energy.

PT. Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero)
Detailed Design, Construction Supervision
Lake Tawar and Peusangan River, Asahan River, NAD Aceh
2008 - 2024

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