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The Urgent Rehabilitation of Tanjung Priok Port Project

Channel and Basin Improvement
Breakwater : New
- Construction : 1,645 m
- Demolition : 1,695 m
- Dredging (-14 m depth, 300 m width) : 6,305,000 m3
- Tuning Basin (560 m dia., -14 m depth) : 1,950,000 m3
- Interchange : Five Diamond and Half Diamond Type
- Total Bridge Length : 8,400 m (Cable-stayed and PC-V Girder Elevated Bridge)

Port Inner Road
Widening : 7,180 m2
- Pavement : 60,000 m2
- Viaduct : 14,200 m2
Posted Date : 17 May 2023

Tanjung Priok Port is the largest international port in Indonesia and it manages 55% of container traffic in the country. With the increase in cargo throughputs and calling ship sizes, the port has been suffering serious traffic congestion in the navigation channel and basins and in the port’s inner roads. Under these circumstances, a JICA Study Team was dispatched to prepare the master plan of the port.

In the 2003 master plan study, the scope of this project focused on 1) channel and basin improvement, 2) relocation of breakwaters, and 3) inner port road improvement. This project aims to increase the efficiency of vessel traffic by widening and deepening the ship lane, and this will enable the port to meet increasing vessel traffic in the coming years and increase its function as an international hub port.

Directorate General of Sea Transportation (DGST), Ministry of Transportation
Construction Supervision
Tanjung Priok, DKI Jakarta
2009 - 2014

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